Rethinking corporate governance

FutureBoards is a project-driven company that aims to raise awareness, drive the debate and develop good practice for HOW and by WHOM companies should be governed in the future.

We bring together global voices and thought leaders, investors, CEOs, board chairs, politicians, regulators and academics to exchange insights, thoughts and ideas on how business owners and governing bodies can best respond to expectations and scrutiny from stakeholders and society, while ensuring long-term value creation for the company’s shareholders and other stakeholders.

We invite you to exchange knowledge, get new insight, share fresh perspectives and broaden your international network, by attending

  • Exclusive forums; masterclass lectures, roundtable discussions, mini-seminars, training sessions, work-shops and study-tours

  • Digital platforms; webinars, online discussion groups, blog, vlog

  • Expert comments; speeches, articles, thought pieces, and good practice recommendations.

We also offer tailor-made company specific activities,  projects and events, such as corporate governance clinics, board evaluations, board recruitment processes, surveys and benchmarks.


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