About FutureBoards

FutureBoards believes that value-based and purpose-driven companies will thrive and be profitable also in the long run. That is why we are dedicated to, and passionate about, building better boards.

FutureBoards is a project-driven company that aims to raise awareness and drive the debate on corporate governance. We create events for the exchange of ideas, build physical and digital arenas to share insight and experience, and develop practices for HOW and by WHOM businesses should be governed in the future.  


Boards of directors shape our common future. Although board directors are few in numbers, they make the final calls on behalf of the company they are appointed to serve. Their judgement calls affect the company and its shareholders, but also lead to consequences that eventually affects us all.


FutureBoards invites fresh thinkers, global voices and innovators from the worlds of business, finance, politics, academia, and other stakeholders to discuss the role of business in society and how to make companies more successful and sustainable for all.

We seek to raise awareness and spark debate among key players, to inspire ideas, facilitate change, document and distribute best practice, and help companies prepare for new regimes, regulations and requirements in corporate governance.