ACCA is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

We're the world's most forward-thinking professional accountancy body. Since we were founded in 1904, we've been proud to lead the profession. Thanks to us, hundreds of thousands of people have rewarding careers in accountancy. We have the vision to see what the world will need from professional accountants tomorrow.

This means that our people enjoy a working environment that is dynamic, human and connected and have a strong focus on creating value for over half a million members and students in nearly 100 offices and centres around the world.


Scandinavian Executive Institute A/S educates top executives and board members throughout Scandinavia and has been doing this since 2007. Our educational activities are based on a close collaboration with two internationally recognised business schools INSEAD and IMD and we offer three intensive programmes for executives and board members. For more information, click here.

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Mission is a team of strategists, designers, thinkers and doers with a passion for solving our clients’ problems.

For more than fifteen years, we have been working with strategy and design to build successful brands for companies, throughout Norway and beyond. We believe all businesses thrive with a clear purpose. It sharpens focus, differentiates and creates compelling customer experiences.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than sitting down with a client and applying our ideas, to help them overcome the challenge at hand. If you want to know more about the potential of your brand - simply get in touch.


Thought Leader Global is a multimedia portal to ignite powerful social change.

"People moving the world forward in progressive, positive ways.
Care enough. Make better choices. Live with more awareness.
Decision makers need powerful tools to make positive choices on their platforms. Its about people and planet, not only profit." Natalie and Mikkel Becker Aakervik

Visit thoughtleader.global for inspiration


Chitra House is situated just outside the city centre of Oslo, in beautiful surroundings and with a breathtaking view of the Oslo fjord. The house serves as a venue for business meetings, celebrations, events and social gatherings. A place to meet, to share, to feel. A place like no other. And a place you are assured you will always be treated with dignity, honesty and discretion.

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BoardAgender is as an outreach arm of SCWO’s Women’s Register initiative. In the speech given by Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon, she explained that “BoardAgender is a conscious and concerted initiative to raise awareness on the economic benefits of an inclusive and gender-balanced business. BoardAgender encourages and enables more women to contribute their expertise in the boardroom and committees". 

She also noted that gender-balanced business is not only a matter of inclusiveness, and emphasised that it was a business necessity. It enables companies to tap into the best leadership and talent – regardless of gender – to further innovation, productivity, profitability and sustainability in today’s global economy. Please visit boardagender.org for more information.


Admincontrol offers web-based solutions as well as a separate iPad and iPhone app for secure collaboration and easy sharing of documents in business processes such as board and management work, due diligence, capital injections and stock exchange listings. Users save time, gain better control and are better prepared, which in turn results in better decision-making.

Admincontrol’s solutions stand out in terms of user-friendliness, reliability and security. Our customers’ confidence and positive user experiences are guaranteed by skilled and motivated employees providing personalised service locally in each market.  For our board portal solution, we are proud of a 98 per cent customer renewal rate from year to year.


Zynk is a strategic and specialised communications agency with four main areas of service; leadership and change communications, positioning and reputation management, public affairs, and media and crisis communications. Our ambition is to be the leading force in the development of each of these areas.

We are convinced that strategic communications, combined with business understanding and leadership experience, is critical to achieving business goals. Through long-term partnerships, a clear top management perspective, insight into the communications discipline, experience, and executional prowess, we help our customers to achieve great goals – and enable these goals to be reached more quickly and effectively than would otherwise have been the case.


Norsif is an independent association of asset owners and asset managers, service providers and industry associations with interest in, and activities related to, responsible and sustainable investments.

As a professional forum, Norsif aims to promote and contribute to the development of the field of responsible investment and increase awareness of responsible and sustainable investment practices in the Norwegian financial industry and among other stakeholders.