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Interview: Turid Elisabeth Solvang, ECODA, 16 June, 2016

Trust builds the future

...Turid E. Solvang It was the business writer Stephen Covey who wrote that “trust is the glue of life,” and, “It’s the foundation principle that holds all relationships”....

Corporate reform, 6 December, 2016

Corporate reform: culture fix

...they are proving to be most effective. Everybody is surprised and pleased with the results.” Cultural hand grenades Norway’s board expert, Turid Solvang, says hand grenades are already exploding in...

European corporate governance, 6 December, 2016:

Build your company’s future on trust

...models, markets, and political and economic unrest—the value of that trust will multiply. And that is why building trust is also building your company’s future. Turid E. Solvang is president...

Governance & leadership, 14 January, 2017

2017: Key issues in the year ahead

...continue the dialogue. Turid Solvang, chairman, ecoDa (European Confederation of Directors Associations) In 2017 we will all question what good governance is, and how and by whom companies should be...

Turid Solvang