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The FutureBoards Network seeks to raise awareness and drive debate among key players, to inspire ideas, share insight, facilitate change, document, develop and distribute best practice in corporate governance.

Who can join?

Companies, organizations, academic institutions, individuals with knowledge and interest in developing and promoting good corporate governance. This includes agenda setters like trade associations, interest organisations, labor unions, media, lobbyists, regulators, political parties a.o.

Why join?

To drive and benefit from the international debate about opportunities, developments, issues and stumbling blocks in the area of corporate governance.

How to engage?

We invite our members, clients and partners to exchange knowledge, get new insight, share fresh perspectives and broaden their international network, by attending

  • Exclusive forums; masterclass lectures, roundtable discussions, mini-seminars, training sessions, work-shops and study-tours

  • Digital platforms; webinars, online discussion groups, blog, vlog

  • Expert comments; speeches, articles, thought pieces, and good practice recommendations.

We also offer tailor-made company specific activities,  projects and events, such as corporate governance clinics, board evaluations, board recruitment processes, surveys and benchmarks.

By joining the FutureBoards Network you will receive our newsletters, personal invitations to all events as well as free admittance to up to 4 annual breakfast seminars at Chitra House in Oslo. Annual fee per person is NOK 4.900,- (excl. VAT) PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU STILL HAVE TO REGISTER FOR EACH EVENT. *
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