Innovation Norway 

Innovation Norway asked FutureBoards to hold a free of charge training session for 30 female entrepreneurs with growth ambitions

  Turid Solvang on the role and responsibility of boards

Turid Solvang on the role and responsibility of boards

The training session was practically orientated featuring a combination of presentations, discussions and practical exercises for the participants. Turid Solvang talked about the role and responsibility of boards, and her session focused on how entrepreneurs can create a board that aids them to success. Capital investor Bjørn Christiansen, co-founder of Alliance Venture, talked about investing in early-stage companies while entrepreneur Miriam Wennberg shared her journey from idea to product with Connect-LNG. Innovation Norway also gave a presentation about their financial schemes for growing entrepreneurs. 


Among the topics discussed were:

  • The role and responsibility of boards 
  • What should you think about when creating your board?  
  • What are investors looking for in entrepreneurs? 
  • Available private and public founding  


TIME: 20 June 2018,  08:00am-05.00pm
PLACE: Pier X, Aker Brygge
FORMAT: A full day training session with breakfast and lunch provided 


Upcoming training sessions for female entrepreneurs with growth ambitions  

Similar events will be hosted by FutureBoards and Innovation Norway in Stavanger, Trondheim, Bergen and Bodø throughout the coming autum. More information will come soon!